Examination Procedure


Examination Procedure

Notes for Staff (Examination)

Examination Adjustments Application Form

Professional practitioner certificate 2024

Academic Integrity Policy

Assessment Policy & Procedure (HE Coursework)

Disability Policy


v8.1, 11 October 2023: Clarification regarding requirements for student ID; replacement of Student Administration Services with the Exam Centre in several clauses; addition of new clauses regarding responsibility for rescheduled and supplementary examinations, replacement of Provost with DVC Academic, and other minor changes.

v8.0, 9 November 2022: Significant revisions have been made throughout the document including a name change from Examinations& Tests Policy, moving the test related procedures to the Assessment Procedure, added scope for online exams conditions and procedures, clarified details around the preparation of exams by lecturers and the Exam Centre, revisions around the possible adjustments that can be made to exam conditions such as rescheduling and special provisions.

v7.1, 18 February 2021: updated logo and position titles

v7, 2 May 2018: Addition that students enrolled in a unit by distance mode who live within 100km of the examination venue scheduled for their unit examination are expected to sit the examination at the on-campus venue.